Supplier of industrial equipment, import and export, sale and purchase of industrial surplus stocks, stocklots, bankruptcy goods,

نُشر بواسطة medo-b2b NL

Medo-B2B the specialist for all your remnants! For Import, export, freight and logistics Do you have inventory that is useless and unavailable on the shelf? Do you need a tidy warehouse? Do you want to get rid of all those untouched goods? Then Medo-B2B is the solution for you! Medo-B2B is specialized in buying residual lots throughout all EU and USA and UK for a favorable and realistic fee. we buying on basis kg .only we were interested in buying , surplus stock lot , Job lot, excess stock lot , overstock , overrun in obsolete over production Order rejected stock . Any sizes . Any longer. Any color . all kinds of . Rubber Hose, Industrial Hose, Hydraulic Hose , Pressure Hose , Air Hose , PVC Hose , Stainless steel Hose , Hydraulic Fittings, Hose Fittings, SS Fittings . Electric motors. Ball Bearings . Belts V . Abrasive, flexible , Sandpaper cloth backing . polyamide nylon PA6 plaat & round . Turning tools, Valve's -steel wire ropes - gears - screws - (B-goods). Mixed goods are also welcome - we regularly buy in large quantities. We await your offer. Feel free to talk to us and write to us. We wish you health, goodness and happiness. Thank you

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