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Dear Sir / Ms .

Please offer us any goods from company liquidations, overproduction, insolvency goods and remaining items as well as industrial goods, second choice, surplus stock, stock lot , Job lot, excess stock lot , overstock , overrun in obsolete over production Order rejected stock . Any size . Any longer. Any color . We look forward to your offer and sending me pictures and details and prices . We buy prices in tons and kg only , we regularly buy in large quantities . For #Export

i search for and We buy of :

#Electric Motors,
#ball bearings of all kinds,
#Rubber Hoses, Hydraulic #Hoses, Pvc Hoses, PU Hoses ,
#bolts and nut ,
#steel wire rope,
#pumps of all kinds,
#stock lot,
#bankruptcy goods,
#industrial cranes,
#servo motors,
#electric gearbox motors,
#tools of all kinds with accessories,
#hydraulics and pneumatic with accessories,
#Steel, stainless steel, hard metal, aluminum,Teflon . plate and round,

best regards :
medo-b2b company
0031639788989 whatsApp

happy day .


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