Sell your technical products without worry!

Sell your overstock of technical products without worry ? As a commercial buyer of stock lots, MEDO-B2B offers you immediate payment for your overstock. Our procedure for purchasing your stocks is simple and easy :


You receive our offers

Your items will be evaluated by us as soon as possible. This ensures that you will receive a fair offer for your old stock.


Then receive the payment

The inspection in your warehouse is followed by fast payment.


MEDO-B2B arrange the transport

We make things easy for you. We handle transport . Irrespective of the location and extent of your stock.

Steps to sell Technical your stock lots

If you are looking to to sell your overstocks , MEDO-B2B assigns you a single or two contact person. He will assist you in drawing up an inventory of the goods you wish to sell. If required, he can also visit you to assist you in evaluating your overstocks . your contact person will make arrangements for the collection and transport of your goods to our warehouse.

Technical product stock lots we regularly purchase:

Slangen,Schläuche, Hoses
Hydraulics Hoses
Industrial Hoses
Pvc Suction Hose
Pvc and PU Hoses
Stainless Steel flexible Hoses
Industrial Hoses
Flexible Hoses
Rubber suction Hoses
Rubber Hoses
Water Hoses
Crimping machines
Tubes , pipes
industrial parts
Valves parts
pneumatic parts
water and hydraulic pumps
conveyor belts
Drilling and turning tools
All industrial parts
V belts

A single or two contact person

Nobody knows that you are the former owner of the stock lots

Free stock lots valuation

No costs for our service to buy

Quick payment to you

Includes custom transportation