Say goodbye to your Excess stocks

Which products can be offered? We buy most industrial materials: slangen, Schläuche , Hoses. Hydraulics Hoses. Industrial Hoses. Pvc Suction Hose. Pvc and PU Hoses . Stainless Steel flexible Hoses . Industrial Hoses. Flexible Hoses. Rubber suction Hoses . Rubber Hoses . Water Hoses . Couplings,Fittings, Crimping machines. Tubes , pipes. Electricmotor. industrial parts. Valves parts. pneumatic parts. water and hydraulic pumps . conveyor belts. Drilling and turning tools. Abrasives. All industrial parts . V belts

We buy exclusively from companies and individuals.


Goods that have been in a warehouse or store for a long time have a turnover rate that is too low and therefore a turnover rate that is too low. They do take up space and that costs money. Time to get rid of it quickly. MEDO B2B is a buyer of everything. Whether it concerns seasonal items, obsolete stocks, product range changes or bankruptcies, we buy everything. We also like to give products that, for whatever reason, can no longer be sold as new, a second chance. So we will also take over products with a production error, minor damage, torn packaging or returned items.


Do you need money fast? Then sell us the stocks that you cannot immediately dispose of yourself. as we buyer of everything, you will receive a fair price from us and you will quickly have liquid assets at your disposal.


As a 'buyer of everything', we buy goods that have become surplus to requirements during the various stages of the production process. Your production halls and warehouses will then not be full of superfluous products that are not used anyway. We purchase these residual lots at very attractive rates.

Give returned goods a second chance

Sometimes items can no longer be sold as new, for example because you have received them back. If you want to provide impeccable quality to your customers, it is better to give the returned goods a second chance through us. In this way we help the environment and there is no question of capital destruction. More about returned goods

Articles store to construct

If certain product groups are not doing well, it is obvious to adjust the range. You may even decide to convert the stores. This has major consequences for the articles on the shelves and in the warehouses. We are buyers of everything, including stock lots, and ensure that you can move on quickly.


In the unlikely event that you go bankrupt, know that we will take over everything from you in one go. We are rightly buyers of everything. This way you receive a capital injection to complete your business as favorably as possible. Let the curator contact us and we will do the rest.


MEDO B2B is a professional and pleasant business partner. We make good agreements, for example whether we buy everything in one go, about transport and the price. You can also agree a prepayment with us. Read more on the page 'How we work' or call us directly on 06-39788989. You can also app or email!


bearings and related products, such as casings, tools and lubricants.

Electric motors

New and used motors, servo motors, motor reducers and other related materials. the industrial


All kinds of industrial hoses and other related materials


Actuators, couplers, hoses, sensors, switches and more .of fittings


Pumps, valves, hoses and fittings. switches and more .

Other parts

Various types of spare and parts industrial.




We do not think in problems, but in solutions.


We respond quickly to questions via email, telephone or app.


We are easily accessible.


A deal is a deal.


We arrange everything and pay in advance.


Business, cordial and transparent manner.

Do you have other industrial products to sell? Please contact us.